Our Story

We are setting out to change the landscape of luxury resale to businesses.

Based in Japan, our cornerstone is technology and data, coupled with luxury and trend expertise.

We always set out to find new ways of doing things, allowing us to innovate and create successful business solutions to achieve successful global reach.

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Turnkey solutions

We cover end to end process from sourcing to after sales support, ensuring that each part of the process is handled professionally to provide clean business solutions for all our partners.

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We carry 20+ luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, and 10+ contemporary brands such as Marc Jacobs, Coach, Stella McCartney, Tissot, and many more across bags, SLGs, accessories, and jewelry.

Business assurance


Buy Out Agreement


Profit Sharing


Open Sale

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We are the official Alibaba "Idle Fish" recycling partner.


We have access to a large number of items from this platform, and we conduct strict quality and authenticity checks for these items. Having a large number of customers and source of goods,We can meet your various demands for luxury goods, connecting China's growing second-hand luxury market with the rest of the world.

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LLA Auction

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LuxUness Live Auction is a B2B professional auction venue.


We hold a live auction with our clients to offer them a premium service of bidding an item with an efficient system, while also taking advantage of great prices.


We will hold this twice a week where we would push around 200 items per auction session.